Hot Yoga

flameHot Or Not?

Practicing yoga in a heated room warms the body and allows for greater flexibility, increased detoxification and a deeper relaxation. Be prepared to sweat! In general it will provide a better workout and torches additional calories. Our heated classes will be approximately 35+°C in temperature. While some like it hot, we also have classes that are non-heated. The room will be close to or slightly warmer than room temperature for comfort.

Check out some of the benefits of HOT YOGA here!

Our heated classes have a brand new state of the art system providing infrared heat that is quiet and efficient. This heating system offers waves of energy that penetrate deep into the body, gently elevating the body’s surface temperature detoxifying at a cellular level.

*Hot Yoga is not recommended for beginners or those who are pregnant.  It is also not recommended for those with pre-existing health conditions (including, but not limited to: asthma, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or diabetes).  Please check with your physician before beginning a hot yoga practice if you are unsure. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in hot classes.