Nutrition Coaching

The Welcome Mat is excited to partner with Alison Rotzien to provide virtual/ online Nutrition Coaching Services!

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The best diet is a good relationship with food
What makes my coaching plan different? No meal plans or crazy rules. Just healthy habits. 
I know that if I expect you to do something you’re not comfortable doing, then you won’t do it. We become a collaborative team that works together to find the things you are ready, willing, and able to do and do them. While using healthy habits and goal-setting as the building blocks of our behaviour based program, brick by brick, we build up consistency, confidence, and help change the way you feel about and behave around food. 

What does a session look like? 
Initial consultations have you fill out an intake form and have an in-length conversation about your day-to-day, thoughts about food and previous dieting history. It is also the perfect place to ask any questions you have about nutrition and once established where you’re currently at, we set-up a habit for you to build throughout the week. 
After we get the ball rolling from the initial consult, there is a minimum bi-monthly (twice a month) check-in and talk about your successes and trials, and answer any questions that may have come-up. Once there’s a 90% success rate with our goal for the week, we build on it or add an additional goal to keep you motivated and progressing without adding too much at once and becoming overwhelming. 
All sessions are done via Zoom or FaceTime and scheduling can be flexible.

What’s the cost?
2 Months – $150/month

3 Months – $225/month ($650 if Paid in Full)

6 Months – $200/month ($1,100 if Paid in Full)

Minimum bi-monthly check-in required. Weekly check-in (recommended) and unlimited messaging included. 

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